Science Diplomacy to support global implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Implementing the SDGs at global level requires ingenuity and willingness to cooperate on all sides of the multiple global divides: be that-rich/poor, developed/developing, northern/southern hemisphere, state-led/market-led economies, democracies/non-democracies, and high sciencetechnology/low technology/science countries.

Countries are embarking on a laudable and difficult journey. Sustainability – consisting of social, economic and environmental sustainable development- is expected to be implemented as a policy package. Successful implementation inevitably means aiming for maximum efficiency and effectiveness of current social and physical infrastructure conditions as well as searching for new technologies to make these ambitious but absolutely needed goals a reality for the benefit of global survival and constructive future global development.

Poor and under-developed countries will need transfer of technology from highly developed industrialised developed countries and all countries will be in need of new technologies to
make the SDGs become a sustained reality on a global level. Sharing technology for the benefit of humanity can be achieved through science diplomacy.

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