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沿海循环经济型生态城市建设的实践与探索 –以日照国家可持发展先进示范区为例 (Lessons learned from building coastal eco-city with circular economy: the case of Rizhao State- level Sustainable Development Demo Zone)

This brief is submitted in the Chinese language. The full brief could be accessed through the below link. Your comments could be in either English or Chinese.

摘 要
本文在分析循环经济、生态城市、循环经济型生态城市内涵的基础上,阐述了日照循环经济型生态城市建设的背景。依 托国家可持续发展先进示范区,总结了示范区围绕循环经济型生态城市这一主题,在可持续发展方面开展的重点工作及其形成的值得 借鉴的可持续发展机制和模式。这种实践与探索对同类地区的可持续发展具有一定的示范和带动作用,为我国推动循环经济型生态城 市的建设提供实践指导和决策参考。