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基于水资源生态足迹模型的山西省水资源可持续性研究 (Analysis of water sustainability issue on the basis of Water Ecological Footprint Model)

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摘 要
基于水资源生态足迹模型,结合水资源生态赤字、水资源生态压力指数、水资源利用效率指数,分析了山西省 2003~2012年水资源生态足迹变化趋势和水资源可持续利用状况。结果表明,(1)2003~2012年山西省人均水资源生态足迹 整体上呈缓慢增长趋势,人均水资源生态承载力总体上变化幅度比较平缓,导致人均水资源生态赤字的变化趋势与人均水资 源生态足迹的变化趋势基本相同;(2)2003~2012年山西省水资源开发利用效率虽逐年提高,但水资源的开发利用处于不安 全状态。


Humanity’s growing ecological footprint: sustainable development implications

The recently proposed sustainable development goals (SDGs) include promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth as well as wellbeing for all. Economic activities ultimately depend on ecological assets and their capacity
for provisioning primary resources and lifesupporting ecological services (Costanza et al.,2014; Georgescu-Roegen, 1971); managing the latter is becoming a central issue for decision makers worldwide (CBD, 2010; UN et al., 2014).
Thus, living within the limits of the biosphere’s ecological assets is a necessary condition for global sustainability, which can be quantitatively measured and must be met to achieve SDGs. This brief highlights global and national ecological asset balances and discusses their implications for sustainable development.

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