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Water governance: context is crucial

Humanity faces daunting water management challenges, as demand for water hits limits of supply and competition increases between agriculture, industry, cities and the environment. Climate change, too, will affect the availability of water. Worldwide, the focus of conversations about water governance has moved from resource development to resource management. To be effective, water governance needs to directly identify and respond to local problems and needs. It needs to take into account the local institutions, knowledge, socioeconomic, political and environmental conditions.

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试论生态文明建设要求下的我国环境管理制度创新 (Innovative environmental governance for building ecological civilization)

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摘 要
近年来,我国探索了一些行之有效的新的环境管理制度和手段。党的十八大和十八届三中全会提出了将生态文明建设 纳入“五位一体”的总体战略部署,新修改的《环境保护法》也给出了新的制度规定。对比我国环境管理制度的不适应性,需要加强 我国环境管理制度的顶层设计。本文尝试依照环境保护“总量控制、质量控制、风险控制”的思路,对今后我国环境管理制度的创新 思路进行梳理,提出应重点关注的 3 个方面共 11 项创新制度。